Ignoring Abdominal Separation and/or Pelvic Floor Issues

Are there risks if I ignore my abdominal separation or pelvic floor issues? In a word, yes.  Our core works together as a piston system from the bottom up – all parts must work to be fully functional. If one muscle of that core is not working, weak, dysfunctional or separated the rest of the […]

What Does Core Rehab Really Mean?

  The American Heritage ® Dictionary defines the core as:  The muscles in the trunk of the human body, including those of the abdomen and chest, that stabilize the spine, pelvis, and shoulders. Our client, in her 30’s came to our office after 3 c-sections.  She very weak muscles that were very dysfunctional and did […]

Eating Well During Core Rehabilitation

Spaghetti – Salads – Brats – Apple Pie – Sub Sandwiches Everyone’s eating style is different. We each love special foods that speak to our gender, ethnicity and even our religion. Food is a tool of pleasure and of nutrition. So why is it so important to eat nutritional foods while rehabbing your core? Not […]

Why We Ask You To Wear A Splint Throughout Core Rehabilitation

All through the medical world splints have been used for broken bones, or muscle and ligament tears. Crude splints from tree limbs have been fashioned when no other options are available. Nowadays we are using a splint in core rehabilitation to aid in the healing process. But why use a splint? Just like in orthopedics, […]

Why Core Rehabilitation for Hemorrhoids

 Hemorrhoids – what does that have to do with a strong core? This is one of those topics we don’t like to talk about as adults.  But as mothers we so often have these discussions with our children, and who can be around a 7-year-old boy without poop become a hysterically funny word?  Many of […]

Incontinence – Not For the Young or Old

  Headlines: “Bladder Leaks – No Biggie” “A Review of the Best Incontinence Products for Women” “Independent Living Aids for Incontinence” These are just 3 headlines that have come out in the last few weeks regarding women’s health.  I’m sure you have seen them too and maybe even read them.  It almost seems like a […]

We need to learn “how” to BREATHE!

An interesting thing happened over the weekend.  My 10-year-old granddaughter wanted to learn how to get “core” strength… so the first thing I began to teach her was Belly Breathing… NEVER expecting it would be so difficult!!  She simply could not get the hang of it!  She “inhaled” and sucked in her tummy (hollowed out […]

“Tummy” Emotions

Emotional ties to our tummies?  Yes!  It’s a very difficult area to deal with… they have “let us down”… miscarriages, infertility, c-sections… past abuse, too much tummy fat, out of shape after babies… PAIN….so what happens?  Sometimes the “connections” between the brain and tummy shut off and we can’t even make the tummy move.  We […]

Osteoporosis… Osteopenia… Is Calcium Alone Enough??

Do you want to look like your Grandma?  … that’s what people say when talking about Osteoporosis (Now that I am “Grandma” … I really take offense and know that it does not have to be that way!) “Do you take your Calcium?”  Common question asked by doctors… Answer:  “Okay… then you are taking care […]

Spring…New Beginnings…

It’s spring here in the suburbs of Chicago… finally… and probably only for a day as next week is back in the 30’s.  But we have a day – today – to get outside, take a deep breath and enjoy the weather and outdoors. But Spring also makes me think of new beginnings… what can […]