About Us

Cheryl Mostowski, Owner and Trainer

Cheryl Mostowski worked as a paralegal for 14 years.  During the last few years working at the law office, she experienced sciatica down both legs for which she found no relief.  That’s when she found Pilates, and began to feel a passion growing in her to begin to study women’s health, which lead directly to the repair of Diastasis Recti.  Cheryl trained and became a fully certified PhysicalMind and STOTT PILATES® Instructor certified on all equipment, as well as specialized instruction in many areas including Injuries and Special Populations and Osteoporosis with some of the most respected and revered members of the Pilates community.  During her path to Women’s Health, she also studied the Total Control Program with the Women’s Health Foundation, a comprehensive pelvic fitness and wellness program designed by leading experts in the fields of Urogynecology, physical therapy and fitness. 

While continuing to study the human body and anatomy and wanting the best for her clients, Cheryl learned about The Tupler Technique® program.  After researching this technique she felt it would help her clients because the benefits were so overwhelmingly positive that they could not be ignored.  Cheryl went to New York and was trained by the founder, Julie Tupler herself, the inventor of this Program, in early 2011. 

Cheryl continues today working with her clients helping them to continue a life-long wellness path by strengthening their core and using it in daily life.  She believes in the highest standards of instruction, sensitivity to individualized needs and service to help her clients.

She is active in her church as Flock Leader in Women’s Ministry at Harvest Bible Chapel in Elgin, Illinois.  Cheryl also contributes to Women’s Health and Wellness blogs.

Tupler Technique®

Intensive study program/mentoring program  along with intensive course in New York City training with Julie Tupler.

Additional Education: 

Total Control Instructor, Women’s Health Foundation at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago

Pelvic Floor Health including Pelvic Pyramid – the core, plus floor of the female body.

  • The anatomy & physiology of the pelvis

  • Current research in the field of pelvic health and fitness

  • How to train the three key muscle groups of the Pelvic Pyramid

Mentoring under Kelly Dean, of The Tummy Team, in Camas Washington, 2013

Training under Kelly Dean included hosting a Workshop to bring Kelly to the Chicago Area teaching other area professionals about “The Importance of Core Strength”, as well as mentoring under Kelly in Camas, Washington. 

Certification with Bellies, Inc., 2014, Toronto Canada

2-day intensive course in Toronto Canada, which included:

  • The most current information and research on diastasis recti and pelvic floor health
  • Theory on the role and function of the true ‘inner core’
  • How to perform a comprehensive assessment
  • Hands on practical training to assess and prescribe
  • Key movement based, restorative exercises that will flatten tummies and keep your clients dry and confident!
  • Modifications for prenatal and postpartum, c-sections and women who had their children years ago
  • Key ways to prevent and reduce the severity of diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction in pregnant clients