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Cheryl Mostowski, Core Rehabilitation Specialist, Women’s Health Educator


Tummy Team Trained™ Clinician, 2016

Completion of The Tummy Team Core Foundations Program, thus fully understanding the process, benefits and the unique challenges of their approach first hand.

Completed Comprehensive Core 1 and passed the comprehensive exam thereafter.

Trained personally under Kelly Dean, Founder of The Tummy Team, in Camas, Washington, to become familiar and integrated into Kelly’s methods and problem solve case studies. 

Completed the Importance of Core Strength in the Prenatal and Postpartum Client when Cheryl co-hosted Kelly at a Professional Development Course in Elgin, Illinois.

Continuing Education monthly/quarterly consisting of interactive online professional training webinars with Kelly Dean, MPT and ongoing support from The Tummy Team staff.

Tupler Technique®, 2011
Intensive study program/mentoring program including personally training with Julie Tupler in New York. Fully trained in teaching all the Tupler Technique programs.

Total Control®, Women’s Health Foundation at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago
Pelvic Floor Health including Pelvic Pyramid – the core, plus floor of the female body.
The anatomy & physiology of the pelvis
Current research in the field of pelvic health and fitness
How to train the three key muscle groups of the Pelvic Pyramid

Certification with Bellies, Inc., 2014, Toronto Canada
The most current information and research on diastasis recti and pelvic floor health
Theory on the role and function of the true “inner core”; How to perform a comprehensive assessment;Hands on practical training to assess; Key movement based, restorative exercises that will flatten tummies and keep your clients dry and confident; Modifications for prenatal and postpartum, c-sections and women who had their children years ago; Key ways to prevent and reduce the severity of diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction in pregnant clients

Cheryl continues today working with her clients helping them to continue a life-long wellness path by learning about their bodies, finding and strengthening their core and using it in daily life.  She believes in the highest standards of instruction, sensitivity to individualized needs and service to help her clients.

She is active in her church Harvest Bible Chapel in Elgin, Illinois and contributes to Women’s Health and Wellness blogs.

DeScan 17anna Murray

Deanna has always loved being active – from mountain climbing, sprint and Olympic distance triathlons, running marathons to century distance biking. Her journey to teach physical fitness began with training in Body Pump and spinning, but after taking a pilates class she realized that this method truly taught her how the body worked from the inside out, and she was immediately hooked! Now fully certified in Stott Pilates® mat and all equipment, she loves teaching groups and individuals proper movement to keep them healthy throughout their daily lives.  As an instructor she has learned how to make pilates “tummy safe” and how to strengthen the “true core” without risk of injury.  

Deanna is certified in the Total Control Program through the Women’s Health Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Chicago committed to improving women’s pelvic health and wellness. There she realized her passion to help pre/postnatal women with core rehabilitation and all that encompasses. Deanna herself had a mesh implanted due to an illness (which looked like a pregnant belly after surgery) and has struggled with self image due to the aftermath and so understands a women’s struggles with a weak postpartum core. Since working with Cheryl at Strong Tummies she realized there is a huge need for rehabbing your core WITHOUT SURGERY and all its implications and complications. Too often women are left to “figure things out” on their own, or are left to deal with their dysfunctional tummy, incontinence or back pain.