Chronic back pain and been told to strengthen your “Core”?

Do you even know what your “Core” really is?

Had a baby recently… or many years ago…

And don’t feel quite “back together” or weak? 

Chronic back pain? “Outie” belly button?

Been told you have a “diastasis” but have no idea what it is or what do about it? 


Strong Tummies specializes in

Integrated, Functional Core Rehabilitation


Contact us and “find”, “wake up” and then strengthen your “true core”.  

You do not have to go through life with debilitating pain or feeling that your tummy has “failed” you

Come see us so that we can design a program specifically to meet your needs.


Medical Endorsement

As an OB-GYN, I learned a lot from my own pregnancy.  One of the biggest lessons I learned is how tough the recovery can be to get your pre-pregnancy body back. I pushed too hard and little did I know how much damage I was doing in the first few months after my delivery.  As a result I only made my rectus diastasis worse. What was more frustrating was trying to figure out how to correct it.  There seemed to be no answers; even in the medical literature I searched.  Until I came across the Tupler Technique and met Cheryl Mostowski, I was losing hope. 

    Cheryl took me thru the program and slowly we increased the strength and stability in my transverse muscle.  Although the technique can be done at home, I highly recommend working with a certified instructor as the exercises can be subtle and easily done incorrectly.  Cheryl was very patient and a great motivator.  As I progressed in the program I happily watched my waist and belly shrink.  After a few months I was able to get my old jeans back on comfortably.  I am very grateful that I met Cheryl and that I now have a resource to share with all of my own patients and friends who suffer from “mommy tummy”!

Dr. Karen E. Fish, M.D.

John H Stroger Jr Hospital OB/GYN
1901 W Harrison St., Suite 547
Chicago, IL 60612

Medical School: Harvard Medical School
Internship Hospital: Brown University Hospital
Residency Hospital: Women and Infants Hospital Brown University
Fellowship Hospital: University Of Illinois Hospitals Endoscopy


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Belly Check

Contact us for a Belly Check.  In this quick 10-minute session you will find out if you have a weakened core or a diastasis recti (separation of the muscles).  Contact us at 847-420-9764 to schedule.

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Contact Strong Tummies for a gift certificate for that special someone.  These are great as presents for new moms, moms that are 1-70 years postpartum, that special man in your life, athletes, or your mom or dad that need core strength and athletes.  Click here to order.